Collection: NBA Championship Rings Replica

Replica NBA Championship Ring

What is NBA Ring Replica?

The replica NBA ring is based on the NBA championship ring of the year and is made of zinc alloy by a one-to-one ratio.

Kemp Ring's replica championship ring is very similar to the real NBA championship ring, whether it is the weight, design, or color, it is almost the same as the real NBA championship ring.

Why We Make Replica Championship Ring?

Many sports games have many loyal fans. For NBA, there are many teams in NBA games, and each team has its famous stars.

Fans have their own favorite team and player. If the team you love wins the championship, then, for the fans, it will be a very interesting and meaningful thing to collect the replica championship ring of that year.

What is NBA Championship Ring?

The NBA championship ring is the player's personal honor of the NBA championship. All players of the team that won the championship, even if they are not on the playoff roster, can get one.

Each year's ring will have a different design, usually made of platinum, with diamonds to combine graphics, engraved with the number of games in the series, the player's name & his number, and the team's logo or feature. For example, the sixth championship ring of the Chicago Bulls is engraved with six NBA championship trophies.

And a championship ring is also linked to winning an NBA championship. Critics describe a player as wanting to win a championship ring more than a player who wants to win an NBA championship.

And people often use the number of championship rings a player has won to express how many times he has won the NBA championship. For example, "this player has five championship rings in his hand" means that he has won the NBA championship five times. And "superstar without a ring" is also used to describe those outstanding players who have never won an NBA championship for their team.

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